Preview: Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Upon first hearing that a new Silent Hill was in the works I was super stoked. Upon hearing that it was to be on the Nintendo Wii I was not so super stoked. Primarily because previous titles on my HD screen just haven’t looked up to scratch and anything less then awesome is a let down lately… at least visually.

However! Upon further investigation the gameplay and general design of this title leaves that thought at being almost secondary. The concept, as I understand it, is to give players the choice right from the beginning as to what they will experience. You will be asked to answer questions that will then determine what you see, hear and ‘feel’ as you progress through the eerie town of Silent Hill. The idea is refreshing and certainly provides for re-playability right off the bat.

I myself played through nearly every Silent Hill title to try to alter the final outcome, but now I can play the game an alter the story on the fly? That is something I will definitely be taking a look out come release day.

Another interesting desing choice will be the zero weapon policy. You get your basic flashlight, but this game will be all about running and evasion. Nothing more scary then when you have to run with everything you got in the opposite direction of X scary creature. From the video’s it would seem that you can control the direction of your torch while running in the opposite direction to keep an eye on how close the pursuers are. You may want to check ahead once in a while, you just know that random pole is going to stop you in your path from time to time. Ouch!

As it’s shaping up this could be the next great outing into that lovely town by the water. Looking forward to this one and will update with more news if it becomes available.

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