Preview: Guild Wars 2

Less then a day of the announcement of the latest World of Warcraft expansion I stumbled across the latest entry into the Guild Wars universe. Guild Wars 2 has finally fronted up and posted out a trailer of their upcoming sequel to their popular and famously zero-monthly fee online RPG.

Details for the moment still seem to be scarce but their site has gone onto list a few facts.

  • The backdrop of the storyline appears to involve ancient dragons awaking and causing all sorts of destruction and mayhem as a woken dragon would do. The badass of this game has a name and that is Zhaitan, the deathless dragon.
  • Five playable races mentioned: Humans, Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari
  • Set in a mssively multiplayer persisent world
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • More information to be released early 2010

While it is not a great deal of information it is at least something and compared to what we have heard in the months and years gone by this is quite a big something. Being a fan of the original games and it’s expansion packs I believe that the crew over at Guild Wars have something special in store for us, the fans, whom have been waiting so so patiently. I am quite interested to see how this game will differ from other MMO’s and in particular how it will differ from World of Warcraft. How far will the persistent world go and when does the instancing begin. With so many questions, 2010 couldn’t come soon enough.


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