Preview: Borderlands

Here is something that caught my eye. Borderlands, a first person role playing shooter with a wasteland setting, is the name of the title. It quickly piqued my interest as this is more or less what Neocron was (except Neocron being an MMO). Another plus, in my books, is that it can also be played cooperatively (up to 4 players) or single player if you prefer going it alone.

Two elements that I have seen distinguish this from other typical FPS games out there. The first being the RPG, you will be able to upgrade your gear and character and continue doing so throughout the game. While this isn’t anything new to most RPG’s there are very few out there that have gone the FPS route.

Secondly we have the unique art style. It’s some sort of blend of cel-shading and sleek texture work and it definitely stands out. It’s almost like a moving comic book. Whatever it is, the artwork alone will be worth checking out.

It’s also been said that the game will feature a random generator for levels and will also apply to weaponry and even enemies. Meaning you could have enemies of the same type utilising different tactics/abilities to take you on. Should keep you on your toes to say the least.

From what I have seen it looks like it’s shaping up to be a sweet ride. Come release day i’ll be checking out this one and with a little bit of luck be reviewing it with glowing feedback. Check out the video for some of the gameplay. This guy sure likes his guns.

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