Chaos on Deponia Review (PC)

So, here we are again, with Rufus our lazy, egotistical dreamer in Chaos on Deponia, the second installment of the Deponia series by Daedalic Entertainment. If you had played the first game Deponia, then you’ll remember that it ended in a bit of a cliffhanger; Chaos on Deponia starts right where it left off. If you haven’t played Deponia, never fear, there’s a quick recap of things after a quick tutorial (which is exactly the same as the tutorial in Deponia by the way).

Rufus, come on, get it together…

Firstly, let me say that Chaos on Deponia really offers nothing new in terms of gameplay and art style. This game series is your standard point-and-click adventure where you explore various screens of the world, clicking on everything you can to collect and learn about the environment. You advance in the story by finding puzzles and obstacles you have to overcome, usually involving the items you collect and some logic.

I mentioned in my review of Deponia that some puzzles were solved unconventionally and took a bit of random clicking to try and figure it out. In Chaos on Deponia there are sometimes you really have to think outside the box- outside of the game even and break the fourth wall. I guess it’s not that strange in this game as the tutorial itself is a whole fourth-wall breaking experience, but one puzzle really threw me for a loop and frustrated the crap out of me until I just looked up how to solve it.

That is a really good question Goal…

The art style is still in the same lovely hand-painted 2D style, although why would it change between installments? There are new environments on the trash world of Deponia to explore and old and new characters to meet. I really love these characters. For some reason I like them a lot more than the ones in Deponia. Although it might be because you get introduced to them fairly quickly as soon as the game starts. Actually the pace of Chaos on Deponia seems a little faster than Deponia, but that might be because you get right into ‘action’ of the story, so to speak, of this installment instead of the slow introduction of the world, the main character and then other characters like in the first installment.

I um… I er… I should go.

Okay, so gameplay and artstyle aside, what is Rufus up to this time? Well, without spoiling too much, right from the get go, he nearly gets his one-sided Elysium love-interest – Goal – killed, sets a elderly couple’s hut on fire while trying to borrow a hammer from them (oh and he kills their pet canary), nearly beheads one of the elderly couple launching himself into the sky- oh and then he accidentally splits Goal into three distinct personalities because he wants a lollipop.

Very typical Rufus work.

I dunno, that does look like a pretty delicious lollipop! I mean- Bad Rufus! Choosing the lollipop. Bad!

It’s up to us to help Rufus piece Goal together and convince her to get to Elysium and tell the council up there not to blow up the trash world of Deponia because, despite what the council thinks, there are people living there! This adventure is about to get a lot crazier. Oh yes, did I mention I think I accidentally helped Rufus offline the Doc’s robo dog? Um…

Chaos on Deponia is still as delightfully offbeat, crazy and original as it’s predecessor. I really think this series is this generations Monkey Island. As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, I love adventure games and the world of Deponia is just so original and witty and amazing. If you haven’t played Deponia, you can still play Chaos on Deponia. I feel it would do okay as a stand alone adventure game, but you might not be as attached to the obnoxious Rufus from the get go or you might not understand why he does the things he does without playing Deponia first.

The bird was like this when I got here, I *swear*

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

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