Offspring Fling Review (PC)

If you’ve ever had the urge to take control of an overly cute, yellow Pikachu-like creature that is on a hunt to retrieve her young, never fear as the game Offspring Fling is sure to satiate that healthy curiosity.

Developed and created by Kyle Pulver, Offspring Fling is a platform adventure and puzzle game that is reminiscent to Super Meat Boy. Your mission is simple – collect your children and bring them back to safety. Of course not everything is as simple as that and along with collecting your young, you will also be required to overcome obstacles encountered.

You are given virtually no text prompts or help, making you go on a trial and error play-style. While gameplay for Offspring Fling is smooth and simple, I found some of the controls hard to grasp. Press ‘X’ and the yellow Mama will jump. The down arrow key allows you to pick up a little yellow mouse child (Make sure you stack them high!) while the ‘C’ key gives you the ability to literally hurl the little creatures in the direction you are facing in a horizontal line until they hit something.

Offspring Fling offers over 100 different levels, all with a varied difficulty of easy to hard. They never go over the top in terms of difficulty, making some levels incredibly easy to complete and some quite challenging, but not enough that I felt disheartened whilst playing. With each completed level you gain a blue flower and, if you have enough of them in your pocket, you are given the opportunity to skip levels you don’t want to complete at that given moment. Surprisingly Offspring Fling is quite tactical in its approach and how you will get from point A to point B. The new obstacles and level layouts keep you on your toes, making sure to keep players reflexes sharp. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can compete it with a time limit to earn a golden flower for the best time. With over 100 different levels, it was a surprise to see each level named with a specific title relating to what you will face. The ability to make you want to replay a level is where certain games fail, but that is not the case for this one. The siren call to go back and replay a stage, to better your time or just for the heck of it, is something that was an incredibly positive aspect of the game.

While Offspring Fling’s gameplay is refreshing and fun, the art direction is somewhat crude to the eye. However the colour tones in each level is more than atheistically pleasing enough. Stages and levels grow from an idea and branch out from it, creating a familiar feeling. The audio environment used in game is calm while also pulling you more into the game while also intensifying as you advance further. And if the creatures in game weren’t cute enough, they also make adorable little sound effects which were a nice addition.

Offspring Fling is an addictive little game that caters to quenching any maternal feelings you may or may not have. With brilliant intuitive gameplay, a wonderful soundtrack and simple design, this 2-D game is something that should be on everyone’s must play list.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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