Never take on more then one at at time

Strictly applying to games, this will be my new motto.

Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed a bit of a build up in games that I have begun and not completed. It seriously drives me nuts. I can’t stand having a half completed game sitting their collecting dust on my shelf while enjoying whichever game of the year enticed me to abandon it. Yet I do it, over and over and over again. I can count at least four games which I have, and enjoy, half completed and can’t seem to focus and fire them down. I blame life for this problem. But as I cannot remove life, it’s time for a change

One game at anytime. If it’s not completed (and I am enjoying the ride thus far) I won’t be tempted to get another one in the meantime. I first tried this with Batman Arkham Asylum – literally the only game I would play and had an absolute blast doing so. I found I focused more on achievements and to a point where I was challenged and the end result of playing that game was rewarding. The problem was soon after, when Resident Evil 5 and the latest World of Warcraft patch came into sight and I found myself torn between two games again, throw into the mix a loose Far Cry 2 and the ancient dust uncovering on a nearby SWAT 4 and it was more then my little gaming brain good bare. Rewind ten years back and I wouldn’t have broken a sweat. Fast forward ten years and I am a wreck, unable to focus on any one of these as I would like. But herein lies the personal solution, stop playing so many games. True that sounds fine and dandy, so that’s what I shall do.

Moreover I am interested in other people and how their gaming life is evolving. Do you simply stop playing games at the drop of a hat or do you ween yourself off? Or is it an approach like I am about to follow. One (or whatever you can handle) at a time? So, I put it to the people!

IdiotCat: Sitting on a train (with) nothing to do, it was like a perfect time for me to play DS and PSP. If I’m playing an RPG I can only really handle maybe two at a time or the plot gets muddled (cause I’m into plot) otherwise if it’s puzzle I can handle several at a time.Console games are a litle bit difficult. I used to be able to play like all day, but I can’t anymore cause, like I said, I have other things to do in the day. Plus other people want to use the flatscreen TV.

Blake @ Pacroid Blogspot: My gaming life has evolved dating back to my Atari 2600. Video games have always been a part of my life growing up with the tabletops, Atari, Coleco, Vectrex, those horrible little handhelds that you had to wind up to make them work.That was the beginning for me. Of course I stayed with the video games after that as well, playing with the NES, Genesis, Sega CD, SNES, N64 and then for a long time sticking with the PS1.

It was during the time of the PS1 that I really dropped off from playing games. I was a little older and my priorities changed from gaming to being a more social butterfly. I was more concerned with where the next party was at and University then what game was coming out next. 

I guess after that got outta my system the PS2 and Xbox was out for a couple of years. I didn’t know anything about the Xbox so I went with what I knew, which was the playstation.

I really enjoyed my PS2 with my first 3 titles being Twisted Metal Black, Tekkan Tag and Batman. I really loved all those games and it really invigorated my love for video games again. I didn’t play hardcore, just efficient.

My Family had a rule when I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to get a new game until I had finished the one that I was playing. I mean my family didn’t have lots of money to blow 50-60 dollars on a game every time I got bored with the one I was playing. So I had to show them when I got towards the end of a game, “look mom, come watch me beat Castlevania.”

Because of this strict regime, I played the hell outta the game that I was currently playing. I knew every trick that could be done, where every item could be found, what dungeon to take, and I enjoyed doing all this. THIS is what translates to my gameplay today.

Captain No Beard: In regards to gaming life, I enjoy the hunt for the next underground Indie hit on the net. It’s my getting in touch with my primal instincts in some ways, the hunter/gatherer male. There is nothing more satisfying in my gaming life than discovering that ‘GEM’ that comes by in pure chance. A real foaming at the mouth moment. My attitude to my gaming life fluctuates, some weeks I can go on without playing a single game, other times I would play a 1-2 hours a day, everyday (not for an entire day, mind you) There are a few games, like yourself, that I havent finished. And I wouldn’t buy another game right away, same as what you’re doing. I kinda don’t really care about the game. I know it’s there for me to pick up again if I ever have a change of heart. That and the fact is I spent most of my youth playing games ‘hardcore’, like morning to night.

As I’ve gotten older, I learnt to shy away from the scene because it bored me. Because I knew there was hundreds of other things I could do outside in the fresh air in rain hail or shine. And also I knew what I wanted to do in life. All of that, which is, hands down a bazillion times better than gaming. So having that direction in life, that sense of purpose and a desire to spend more time being physically active rather than stay indoors just made gaming seem unimportant. It’s only just recently as i’ve learnt to settle into my work and personal life more that i’ve rekindled that which I indulged in as a kid. Not as much, but in line with my work, gaming does inspire me as a creative person to some extent. And to ignore the platform and not take it as a serious source of creativity would be foolish.

Loner GamerLoner Gamer BlogspotMy gameplay habit is highly dependant of my current mood. Here’s my basic gameplay philosophy in a nutshell: I like building up my game library so that I can have the choice of playing whetever I want to play at the moment. If you look through the daily game log entry on my website, you will be able to see this. When I get a new game, I do “test” them out to make sure that everything is functioning at it should and if the game just happens to be a lot of fun, I may end up playing that game for a while. At one point, I try to limit myself to just one game at a time. But life is short – I play what I want to play whenever I have the time to play video games.

Thank you to all the contributors for their input. It’s interesting to get other perspectives and how each one can vary deeper, even to a psychological level. Thankfully these appear to all be on the positive note.

Now entering Fatherhood, time is even more precious and I know that the game time I get will be restricted to brief periods, here and there, and for work, which is fine by me. But having said that, the rule of sticking to one game at a time is one which I will follow in an attempt to get the absolute best out of every good game I play. I take months to read through a novel and really enjoy doing so, likewise I hope to achieve the same fulfillment with a good game.

We’ll see!


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