Neocron… QQ :(

So, Neocron….

Now this is a reflective post, it’s not a new game nor is it super popular, but damnit back in the day it was a ton of fun.

If you’ve been living a normal healthy gaming life of World of Warcraft mixed in with the occasional Counter Strike and topped off with the gaming goodness that is Peggle, then you probably have no idea what a Neocron is. Heck I don’t blame you, I only came across it by Googling for….. y’know that’s a mystery. Truth is I don’t know how I found it, but I am glad I did.

Neocron (or Neocrack for the vets) was/is an MMO with a SCI-FI setting – being post-apocolyptic. The atmosphere of the city and the cyberpunk/Blade Runner feeling you had from moving about the areas was amazing. It was the first time I had ever stepped into a setting with more then 16 players on a screen at a time and I was literally stunned at how it was even possible. Granted there were many other games out that were doing this already, but previous to this, multiplayer games equaled Quake 3 and Ghost Recon co-op.

The thing I most enjoyed later on was the PvP. By far and away it was the most engaging combat that I have encountered in an MMO so far. Even though I have much love for WoW, the combat system in Neocron was an absolute thing of beauty. You could choose to fight in 1st or 3rd person (the former being more attuned for PvE combat) and it involved a lot of jumping, strafing, ducking…. shooting of course…. and quite frankly a lot of strafing… but heck it was intense. By the end of a duel you’d be lucky to have limbs.

Then there were the Outpost wars. I never did figure out what the point of the Op war was other then control. Nor can I remember, but I what I DO remember is that it was a whole hour or more of fun. You’d have the opposing force attacking a clan owned and defended outpost and there would be absolute mayhem. People who specialised in vehicle combat would rock up in Rhino tanks while a Hoverbomber may be up above. Snipers galore and people who specialise in using drones to take on players remotely. It was all on, and it was chaotic and furious. Sometimes when you were stumbling across a battle in progress you could see an entire light show from afar, and then promptly keel over as a nearby sniper got his quick kill. A thing of beauty 😉

For all it’s positives there were of course weaknesses. The game itself had several major bugs resulting in all sorts of dramas in trying to connect or to survive a long enough time without the game running into an eventual fatal error popping you back to your friendly desktop screen. It would get to a point where you may load the game up for a matter of seconds before you are booted out and I had seen dozens of player quit the game because of this. But i’m not going to touch too much on the problems the game had.

Neocron had it’s day, and I would be the first to sign up if they ever did come back with an updated version of the game. All I can do now is remember the good times and reflect upon memories past.

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