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Ohohoho! Idiotcat is back from her long absence after fighting massive piles of uni assignments. Oh yeah! As a person with a video game addiction, if I can’t play games while I’m doing work, then I’ll tide myself over with something else game related – like listening game soundtracks. Some soundtracks make great background music, others are just fun to listen to. So, during my month-or-more absence I’ve been listening to a lot of different game soundtracks and I’m gonna list a few of my personal favourites. Not in any specific order mind you!

Phoenix Wright (Composers: Akemi Kimura, Masakazu Sugimori)

If you don’t know, Phoenix Wright is a game on DS where you play as a rookie lawyer, Phoenix Wright. Playing like a visual novel the game will have you investigating crime scenes, interrogating people and finally unraveling in the case in the courtroom with a colourful cast of characters. The game is both humorous and seriously intense. The music in Phoenix Wright definitely matches every mood swing it can possibly go through. The orchestrated album of Phoenix Wright is amazing. I wish I could see it live someday – the courtroom medleys are intense – it’s the best! One of my favourite scores has to be the ‘Tonosaman’ theme – the game has a popular TV show called the Steel Samurai and it has the funkiest theme ever. If you can, play Phoenix Wright and then get the soundtrack.

Shadow of the Colossus (Composer: K? ?tani)

I haven’t played Shadow of the Colossus yet – but I want to! It’s a PS2 game where you run around in a world fighting gigantic bosses, and I mean these bosses are humongous. It looks like a lot of fun. The reason I got the soundtrack was because I went to ‘A Night in Fantasia’ which is a concert with anime and video game music performed by an orchestra. One of the pieces performed was from Shadow of the Colossus and it was just mind blowing. After I got the soundtrack and listened to the whole thing, I couldn’t stop listening. It’s whimsical, it’s dramatic, it’s awesome.

Silent Hill (Composer: Akira Yamaoka)

The music in the Silent Hill games are fantastic – it’s freaky, it changes and it makes great use of Industrial sound effects. I don’t really know how much more I can say about it, other than I just had the Silent Hill 2 and 4 soundtracks going on a loop to help me get through two of my projects. Oh and it’s creepy, it might take some getting used to for some, but I loved it. There are some songs with vocals too, sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and a few by Joe Romersa, my favourite is either ‘Room of Angel’ or ‘Tender Sugar’.

Super Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl (Composers: there are like 38 of them…)

I love me some Smash Brothers! Ok, so there isn’t an official soundtrack for the games, but if you own the game, you have the soundtrack. Anyway the soundtrack is a mash up of other Nintendo game scores. Many are remixed or updated, but there are also original scores produced. It’s kinda fun to let the soundtrack run and then try and guess what game the song that’s currently playing is from. The best tracks are probably all the ‘Final Destination’ scores. So awesome and dramatic, best song to have in the background when you’re trying to beat Master Hand and Crazy Hand…

Final Fantasy (Composers: various, most well known is Nobuo Uematsu though!)

You knew it was going to be listed here! I love all the Final Fantasy soundtracks – even if the games kind of fall back a bit, the music is always good. The scores from Final Fantasy 8 and 10 are probably my faves. The piano tracks are the best though, I just have a huge playlist of them and let them play at random. The Final Fantasy scores match a multitude of emotions, though all the ‘One Winged Angel’ tracks (Sephiroth’s theme song) always make me want to laugh maniacally.

Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4 (Norihiko Hibino, Harry Gregson-Williams, Nobuko Toda and co.)

My friend and I sing ‘Snake Eater’ when we’re bored. I’m not kidding, we do, and we do it as dramatically as we can because we know it’s the only way to sing it. The Metal Gear soundtracks are as epic and dramatic as the games. A Metal Gear medley was played at the previously mentioned ‘Night in Fantasia’ concert and oh-my-gawd it sent shivers down my spine it was so good. Favourite tracks for MGS4 are ‘White Blood’ (Raiden, ahh <3), ‘Love Theme’ and ‘Metal Gear Saga’. Ok, so ‘Love Theme’ depresses me, but it’s so full of emotion. On the other hand, ‘Metal Gear Saga’ gets me so hyped up – it’s such a motivational song!


The World Ends With You (composer: Takeharu Ishimoto)

The World Ends With You is a DS game from Square Enix. It’s set in modern day Japan in Shibuya and is full youth culture and trendy. I mean, fashion and food play a big role in equipment and bonuses – hell, your cell phone is how you get your missions. Anyway, the point is that the game is urban and youthful and the soundtrack definitely fits into that category. The music might take some getting used to for some – it did for me, but it really, really grew on me, especially the song ‘Twister’. The music has got elements of hip-hop, techno and trance and many of them contain vocals. I love listening to this soundtrack when I’m drawing on the train!

Warcraft (Composers: Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, and Glenn Stafford)

Lastly, we have the Warcraft universe with its many different races and places to go. Whether you’re playing the RTS game or World of Warcraft, you want to be involved in this universe in the instance of WoW, you want to be immersed in the same environment as your character. The background music and ambience definitely comes into play here. I have too many favourites, but most of them are the ones that play in open areas or natural areas, (Thunder Bluff, Elwynn Forest), they’re really good scores to have playing in the background when you’re working on something.

So those soundtracks are the ones I listened to the most this past month. I highly recommend them, especially the orchestrated album of Phoenix Wright and the Shadow of the Colossus soundtracks.

Peace out, guys and stay tuned for my next few reviews on games like ‘Scribblenauts’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 365/2 Days’.


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