Let’s get it Moving!

Without a doubt both Kinect and Move were designed to ride on the success of the Wiimote to cash in on motion controls. Between them, Move looks a lot more like the Wiimote as compared to Kinect’s gesture sensing approach. So let’s take a look at some of the launch games that Move offered to see how they shaped up.

Let's get it Moving Moving!

The Fight

Setting up the Fight was quite a process. You have to post in different ways so that the Eye and the Move wand calibrate and make precise judgment of your movement in the game. The game basically centers on you as a rookie fighter going up the ranks (blah blah blah). The gameplay was quite straightforward, you choose a fighter and customize him to your liking (or disliking) and then it will bring you to a tutorial or “coaching” mode.

In my opinion, the coaching mode is more fun than the main game. Not because the coaching mode has more gameplay but because you have this “Coach” (Danny Trejo) teaching and yelling at you when you did something wrong. However the most entertaining part was if you chose one Move and one standard controller as the game control, he would look like a bit awkward holding the PS3 controller in his hand like a fist and then look completely ridiculous as he swings his fist with the standard controller in his hand.

Cash rewarded for good punch! Eh? In what way?

But then all good things have to come to an end. Once you have finished the first round of coaching you are in the field to fight and earn some cash. The process was in fact tiring and repetitive. The environment was boring and when it is in real fighting that doesn’t allow that much trial and error, it became a hassle to go through your fights. The game encourages you with some cash and showing off when you performed a sweet punch, but then at times you don’t even know why that was a good punch.

This HD version of Wii Boxing or Punch Out with PS Move didn’t pack a punch at all and without the help of Mii, it hardly connects you with the game in any sense. If you really have a lot of spare cash and time, do pick it up, but otherwise, if you got it as a Christmas gift, you can get more out of the game by using the disc as a coaster.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz

Buzz on the Move is another HD version of the successful PS2 franchise. So there is nothing really new to talk about.

As with other Move games, you need to calibrate the Move wand before you start any round of the game. However, it does throw in a bit of variety by turning your Move controller into other “things’ such as a magnet, hammer and laser gun. Every time you start a new round you have something new to do with your Move controller. That is one thing that could be commended about Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz. However, requiring to re-calibrate your Move control with the screen every time you start another round can be a bit tiring and does break up the gaming experience unnecessarily.

Correct! I do look MUCH better on HD!

The questions span quite a few decades and some of them are pretty hard if you are not a hardcore music expert. Nonetheless, it is quite a lot of fun and at times you will have bonus mini games to keep the gameplay varied.

On the whole Buzz: the Ultimate Music Quiz is decent compilation of quiz games. But other than that, not much is offered on the table. Pick it up as a rental if you have a few friends coming over and if you have a few Move controllers at your disposal.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

The Shoot

The Shoot is literally about erm…”the shoot”. The game has an interesting premise and very unique aesthetics.

You play as an upcoming actor trying to get jobs as an action hero. Your goal is to go through scene after scene of action movies and to please your director. Your enemies in the games are not real enemies, well the are, but they are cardboard enemies that are capable of throwing an assorted number of items including grenades, knife and dynamites at you. How could a cardboard do that? God knows. However, this design makes the game look unique and more entertaining.

Sorry...an actor gotta keep his job :/

As an action hero, of course you need something up your sleeves to go through the “shooting business”. Apart from your trustful gun that provides an unlimited amount of ammo at your disposal, (when you have destroyed enough enemies) you will start earning special abilities. These abilities ranged from slow motion, shockwave attacks that wipe out anyone in front of you and right up to a rampaging machine gun. You can use the abilities as long as you still have them in stock, but each time there is a time limit. So working out when you can use them will also be important. Also you have to avoid shooting civilians or the director will be cross with you.

Apart from just shooting and destroying stuff, they also put the Move controller into good use by providing context sensitive actions such as hiding and the ability to move objects. The game also provides a number of varied scenarios with environments like western, futuristic cities, mafia worlds etc etc. They are all pretty basic but fit for their purposes.

Your traditional life bar is now replaced by a “Director Satisfaction Index” that indicates whether the director is, well,  happy with your performance – funny that. If he is happy and the index is full, he will jump up and down from his chair praising you. However, if you had depleted his satisfaction, you will get fired.

On the whole, The Shoot seems to be a pretty well thought through Move game. Of course you will find similarities of The Shoot with other rail shooters like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead. But they did tread on a more interesting premise than old school warfare, undead or alien attacks. It will keep you entertained for a while and put a smile on your face from time to time.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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