It’s okay, I’ve got my goggles dear!

When I was a young lad I was given my first Nintendo Entertainment System (8 bits!) as a present from my father. A few months later I scored a Super Mario Brothers game. It came in an attractive box complete with cartridge, manual and a piece of styrofoam along the bottom to prop the game up higher inside the box. A feature of almost every NES game out there. I used to think it was special to have all the pieces of that box in pristine condition on the shelf next to the NES. It looked quite nice. But, y’know, would I have thought less of it if there was another edition available. One which included a Mario cap, just like our plumber hero wears, or even a gigantic mushroom or perhaps a psychedelic star? Would I have done anything I could to get that edition over the stock standard run of the mill version? Probably not, but the option would have been nice.
How could you not want this?
Enter Modern Combat 2 – with a variety of editions to choose from. One will see you spend hours in front of the ‘box’ and living the multi-player madness that is the favoured Xbox game. Another will see you do that same action, except that if your playing with the lights off and you decide to go for a snack late at night. No problem, you’ve got it covered with your brand spanking new Modern Combat 2 nightvision goggles! Those chippies don’t have a chance against you.

MW2: Prestige Edition – Goggles…. prestige level attained!
Now this isn’t a plug on how great Modern Combat 2 is going to be or even how cool, yet at the same time creepy, it is that you can grab the ‘Prestige Edition’ complete with nightvision goggles. It’s just interesting to see how far gaming companies have come, and indeed gaming consumers, since 1990 (and earlier I am sure) to 2009 in terms of extras, bonuses and features packed into their final products. Bring it on I say. Let’s see just how crazy these game companies can get. Grand Theft Auto: Revolving Rim edition I am looking at you….. ugh!
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