Is Fat Princess Still Getting Fed?

Fat Princess has been out for quite some time now and most everyone has heard something about this quaint little title – that it’s a great little game and great fun with friends online, but not without its faults.

But for a game that is 90% multiplayer, how does it stand up today now that several months have passed? Sure there is an introductory single player campaign that can be beaten in an hour, and is really only there to get players familiar with the controls. The meat of this game is online with friends and randoms. After months of first purchasing this game I decided to go back and give it another go to see if I could get some of the trophies that were listed. But because I recently had a PS3 die out on me, Fat Princess is one of those games that has copied righted save data, so I was unable to do a proper transfer. This means all my data for number of kills and other statistics were lost. So starting over and achieving 2300-something kills is more daunting than ever.

First thing I noticed was the fifteen minutes spent trying to find a game. It’s been a while since I’ve had to actually wait to get into an online game. I mean even Haze, I was able to get into a game on my first attempt, and that game is many years old and crappy to boot. Fat Princess is less than a year old and already I couldn’t find games to join. When fifteen minute mark ticked, I managed to join a game and all was good and the critical situation returned to normal. But then my next problem was with the online community. It was obvious that the other team had great communication and my that team had the social skills similarly found in chickens with their heads cut off. Which resulted in our team getting steam rolled, nice and flat.

You may have heard that these games can sway back and fourth and go on longer than it is necessary. Not in this case, here the matches were less than five minutes a piece due to the other team quite simply murdering us. I tried to do my best, but without help from my team, It’s like being left in a nice open field for the wolves to prey on and possibly humiliate before going in for the kill.

It wasn’t fun losing every single match, with all my teammates not really doing anything useful. So after six matches I quit to join another match. This time it took no time at all to join and I was put right back in the same game I just left. I tried several more times and it seemed that this was the one and only game that was available in the entire universe.

With that I turned the game off and was so disappointed that I couldn’t get a satisfying experience from any other decent game.

Most fruitful way around this is to have friends, who also own the game, and set up a private match, then you are all good to go. Bots will fill in as team mates and you can command them to help you do certain tasks. They actually complete the tasks which is worlds better then a player that decides to twirl for thirty seconds in an attempt to dig a hole through to the other side of the world.

So after all this time since release, is this game still worth it. It is a good game, when it works right, but with the lack of an online community the game will and does suffer. I would still recommend this game, but only if you plan to play it with friends and only if it goes on sale again.

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Don't have hrs upon hrs to play games these days, so when I do play, I play hard. I enjoy all systems and enjoy creating a fun and friendly gaming community and ranting about game play with a fun and whimsical attitude.