Halo 3: ODST…. I couldn’t resist.

This game will be big, huge even, and how can it not be? It’s freaking Halo! Normally I’d steer clear of a game with so much exposure already, but I can’t. Everything I have seen up to this point has been filled with so much ‘win’ that I simply cannot wait to become an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.

To be truthful, the day I heard about this title I was disappointed – “What?! No Master Chief!!! A pox on you Bungie!” – but as more and more information was put out there via the Interwebs I actually came around and thought “Sure, why not. Chief back in your box”. It interests me more now that it will be from a different perspective, kind of like Metal Gear Solid 2 even though I detested most of it. I pray that Bungie does not deliver us a whiney brat who happens to be handy with a shotgun.

There is of course this mention of a somewhat open world game and if this plays out how I hope that it does, then wow. I really dig open worlds and more so when they are actually populated with clever and functional content. Everything suggests that this will be case thus far, but time will tell on that front.

Oh, and the four player co-op firefight – memories of Ghost Recon are flooding back here. What could be more fun then sitting back with three buddies launching grenade goodness at a swarm of incoming Covenant? That’s right, I am sure you can think of something better but you got to admit it’s right up there!

With a good month away from release, I am avidly awaiting a demo of some sort and the chance to jump in, jump out and land my ODST issued boot up the closest Brute buttock I can find.


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