Review: Street Fighter IV (4)

Today I look at the long awaited sequel to one of Capcoms most successful series, Street Fighter 4. The game was in production for over 4 years while we all waited eagerly for any screenshot and video leaks to satisfy our thirst, finding out what characters would be in this new version of Street Fighter was on the minds of everyone that is a fan and also the big question of how will it actually look, full 3D or true to its roots in 2D. Finally it has been released and we are all pleasantly surprised, I got myself a copy and go through the highs and lows of this new revitalised fighter.

First off I should probably admit that I am not the biggest fan of consoles and boy do I get flamed for it at times, but in this unusual twist of fate I went for the Xbox360 version of the game as opposed to the PC version, although it was a welcome change to see a coincided release on the PC platform at the same time, nicely played Capcom.

So here we go round one, we are first provided with a pleasantly long arty intro displaying the fighters performing their trade mark signature moves to some crazy soundtrack that mind you is not to bad, finally we have the voice commentator that has been made famous in many arcade games announce that the game I have is actually Street Fighter, close call. As always we are provided with Arcade and Quick match modes along with some training options that help to unlock easter eggs in the game, the training mode is by no means something only for the novice and I bid you good luck on completing some of the characters combo sets.

The training mode provides for additional gameplay longevity, it allows you to complete challenges such as Time Trial and Survival, defeat your opponents as fast as possible and defeat your opponents while maintaining a certain percentage in health. The training mode offers the player more than simply receiving achievements but unlocks different costumes and posses to customise your characters in game.

Arcade mode is the story side of the game and we are treated to some nice animation sequences for each character which really helps to push a player to complete the game multiple times using different characters, also the goal of unlocking extras is another incentive. The game has been made brilliantly, even though the graphics are in 3D Capcom has decided rightly so to leave the 2D element intact and the feel of the game from the movement of the characters to pulling off your special abilities is identical to the previous Street Fighters, the transition for veterans will be transparent. This is not to say that there is no new content, far from it, we are introduced to several new characters that really mix up the game with their fighting styles and the graphics are absolute eye candy. Be on the look out for little surprises in the background as in previous versions. I can safely say the game is well balanced with all fighters having their pros and cons, although personally Sagat is a pain especially in the hands of a turtler, apart from that it is an enjoyable game and will have you coming back for another round even when you have finished the game over ten times.

To sum it up, the game flows great and stays true to its predecessors and has won me over on the console. Highly recommended as you will find you’ll load this game up everytime you have friends over.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

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