Guild Wars 2: The Novels

Arenanet updated their Youtube site recently with some footage from the just passed PAX09 (Penny Arcade Expo). In the lore panel the audience had a chance to latch onto some rather slim information on the upcoming novels. Thin as it was, it did hold my interest, particularly with Guild Wars 2 gaining a bit more momentum then it had in previous years.
What I could grab from the videos was that there will be three novels being released around Spring, in the US, 2010 and each one will be a separate story. Conclusively it was noted that the books will not be a trilogy or have a definite relation between the stories. Matt Forbeck, writer of the first novel, made mention that there is collaboration between the stories and that the possibility of sharing characters is there. They will, collectively, bridge the gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 and this is no easy feat considering there is 250 years to cover.
Will McDermott, Guild Wars 2 Writer, wanted to make it known that the books themselves are being presented in a way that will appeal not only to Guild Wars fans but to Fantasy Fiction fans in general. He also made mention that they have full intention of bringing some of the characters within the novels into the game world itself, but it is not guaranteed yet quite possible.
Lead designer, Eric Flannum, also appeared and said that his role is to comment on storyline and characters within the novels to make sure that all the pieces fit together between game and story. Quite a task, considering that these novels will be known as canon to the Guild Wars storyline.
Overall, it was a good little introduction to the project. The first book titled ‘Fall of Ascalon’ is set one year before Guild Wars 2 and about group that has to get into Ascalon and recover and artifact. Progressively you will discover what has happened to the world and it’s races.
Look forward to hearing more on these books and hopefully through them a lot more on the game world in Guild Wars 2. Come on 2010!

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