Growing Up Gamer

A little introduction for everyone here at Gameolio. By no means am I an expert in games, I don’t have inside information, I am not a critic with a degree in Journalism. What I am is a guy who likes to play games in his spare time. When I can find spare time that is. I enjoy establishing a growing gaming community that is more friendly and more respectful to other gamers has oppose to what we normally encounter online.

Perhaps its because our age group have had games longer than today’s kid who can now get his Xbox, jump online for the first time and encounter the racist/rude/unfriendly/jerks of today. Then it seems normal for them, because that’s what they are used too.

I didn’t grow up a rich kid or even middle class. I grew up on a small island called Newfoundland off the Canadian coast. So the little entertainment that I did have was very much enjoyed and appreciated.

My first experience with video games were the local arcades.Which for me, was the community store that had Pac-man and Donkey Kong in the back next to the shelf of flour. I would get $2 to do with what I pleased on Saturdays. Which equaled out to 2 plays per quarter.

Next came the Atari 2600 and I loved every minute of it. It was fantastic! So much so that I remember playing when I had a fever. Lying on the couch, my eyes burning outta my head, my skin felt like it was going to melt off. But I strained to keep my eyes open trying to play Sea Quest while tears streamed down my face.

The NES years made me believe that everything good should come in box form. To the controllers that had corners that dug into your palms, to the parents who thought they could make Mario jump higher if they just thrust the controller that much higher with the button press.

Then the mad rush to be the next best system, which still is ongoing strong today, the Genesis, Saturn, N64, PS1, Xbox, Ps2, Xbox 360, Wii, and theĀ PS3. I had my share of systems and I never really had a preference over the other until the Playstation. For years I had been a PS fan, but all that came to an end with the next gen systems.

Systems that died, lasted 3 years, 4 years, 2 years, 2 min and died. Someone tried to break it down for me and equate what I paid for the system, and the number of hours I had playing it. Saying that I had gotten $1.13 cents per hour of enjoyment outta my system and I should be happy with that.

If that’s the case then I got .0003 cents per hour usage out of my toilet and that’s still going strong. Very disappointed with the overall shape of systems today. Even at this very moment there is a big problem with peoples PS3s locking up do to a internal clock resetting itself making PS3s unable to play games. Sony is even releasing a statement saying they are trying to fix this, AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT(!), wow. It’s good to be alive!

Today, I play when I can. Between work and a married life, it makes it hard to play everything. So talking with other gamers and hearing of their experiences is a great way to get a feel for a particular game. Some say because I work for a gaming company I know more than a normal person should? maybe! I don’t feel I know more, I am just a gaming artist. I draw and animate for a living. So I work on games and then go home and play them (If time allows).

I grew up appreciating what I had when I did have it and didn’t have the luxury of playing 24/7. That doesn’t mean I enjoy games less then the next person. I just enjoy a game to its fullest, taking it slow, getting all I can out of it. Making the most of my gaming life.

– Blake

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