Fable 3 Confirmedededed!

Fable 3 was confirmed at GamesCom, in Germany, by none other then Peter Molyneux (Lionheads’ Creative Director) today. Along with a teaser trailer and artwork the details released were as you could expect, brief and oh so secretive.
Promised that the third game will be somewhat more difficult and progressed since the last outing, the game will also take place five decades after the Fable 2 and your character will enter as a the child of your hero from the last chapter running all the way up to becoming a ruler of Albion. Based on that alone you can see the scope they are aiming for when it comes to ‘epic-ness‘.
With a release period of “2010 holiday season” and apparently exclusivity to the Xbox 360, there will be much more to see and preivew in the coming months. I for one am glad to know that it is indeed on the way.

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