EA Gun Club – Worst Challenge Yet

I recently signed up to the Electronic Arts Gun Club after hearing the promotional segment at the Medal of Honor E3 demo. For those who have not heard of EA’s Gun Club, it’s basically a way for customers (of EA) to receive updates on new releases, claim rewards and prizes, and also to compete in challenges. It might have been that I joined at a bad time, but I feel that a challenge, by definition, should be a goal that requires some effort/skill to accomplish. To cut this story short, after joining the Gun Club I am greeted with my very first challenge, and quite eager to accept, I go ahead and click on the ‘Bring it on’ button – nice wording on the button for some intense challenge action.

Now, it took me several attempts to read over the challenge to understand it correctly, and not because it was a complicated challenge to grasp, but because I just could not comprehend how this was actually a challenge. Here are the exact words of the challenge from the EA Gun Club website:

This week’s challenge is called “Welcome to the Jungle,” where players must travel to a new locale with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. The objective of “Welcome to the Jungle” is to simply download and play the Vietnam expansion for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Easy enough, right? Right!

Right. I am still at a loss here; does this mean my challenge is to purchase a game? When did this become a challenge? There is no ‘Bring it on’ here! Now I might be jumping the gun here so to speak, but if this is the quality of the challenges on EA Gun Club, then I really see no point to this except for the fact that it is a clumsy promotional tool that has been poorly executed in my opinion.

Which gun will I use to shoot myself with?

I understand the ultimate goal of Gun Club is to basically sell games, but also offer their returning customers with some benefits. The point we are bringing across here is that if you are going to place words and lines such as ‘challenge’ and ‘Bring in on’, then forgive us for expecting something more. I feel that adding some proper achievements, as seen on many Steam based games, would not hurt at all. EA, the challenge has been set!

If you don’t believe me, feel free to check out the challenge here.

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