PSP Review: Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

I’ll admit it – I love the Dynasty Warriors series. There are a lot of people who don’t like the Dynasty Warriors and honestly I can see why. Biggest complaint with previous games was that the gameplay was really repetitive. Also the enemies are really, really easy to kill even when they come in giant droves with bosses.

But Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce for PSP is DIFFERENT. It’s actually more of a multi-player game, rather than single player. Not to say that it isn’t fun in single player mode, it’s just hard to finish by yourself. I know – Dynasty Warriors is hard to play? What mockery is this?!

Yes, the enemies are in smaller groups and are much stronger. And the bosses? Ouch. In Strikeforce the boss stages usually involve the main boss, some mini-bosses, some kind of environment boss (giant water horse or flaming stone tiger in the wall anyone?) and all at the same time. You usually have to kill the bosses a couple of times as well and they get stronger after each kill. It’s painful to do on your own, but it’s slightly easier if you have friends playing with you since that’s what the level designs are made for (co-op).

There is also a new, interesting, feature in Strikeforce – the Fury mode. Imagine the characters of Dynasty Warriors and the Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z had babies and you get the Strikeforce characters with their Fury forms. The characters have the ability to transform into glowing masses of Kick-Ass (with funky hair ala Super Saiyan) – you’re faster and stronger and sometimes get extra abilities.

Oh and the whole thing about enemies being tougher? They get the Fury mode ability too. It’s really annoying sometimes. Especially when both you and the boss have a little bit of health, and you beat the boss but they COME BACK TO LIFE IN FURY MODE and kill you in a shot. Argh!!
The graphics are average – actually the character models are shoddy as hell and the environments are passable. One thing that ticked me off was that there wasn’t that much of a storyline – however I guess it’s not really the point of Strikeforce anyway. All in all, Strikeforce manages to break out of the Dynasty Warriors mold quite a bit. I hope if they decide to make future Dynasty Warrior games, it’ll be more like Strikeforce.


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