Dusty Revenge Review (PC)

Dusty Revenge, a game where you step into the shoes of protagonist Dusty, a dual wielding, rough sounding bunny (man) hell bent on revenge after his wife, Daisy, is brutally murdered for unknown reasons. It is your job to find out why, and to also beat up any unfortunate low life criminal thug that stands in your way. A game that takes many elements from RPG’s, beat em ups and action, and packs it into a well designed, fun and exciting new gaming adventure.

Dusty Revenge

The first thing in Dusty Revenge that can be noted is that the artwork is incredibly gorgeous. The direction and overall style in its cut scenes give you a gritty, Tarantino, Grindhouse-esque feel; something that can be hard for some but thankfully pulled off in this instance. Given the wonderful, dark tone of the cutscene artwork you would assume it would carry off into actual gameplay, which unfortunately (and not so negatively) doesn’t happen. Each level you play provides a fresh new appearance, if not a sillier one compared to the darker tone of the cut scenes. Whether it be in a western wasteland, city, jungle, cave, etc; colours pop out but never negate attention away from the mission at hand which some games can do. However, one can just stand there and marvel at the level design as it crosses between the lines of cartoonish yet unique

While speaking of levels, one cannot forget about the gameplay in Dusty Revenge. The combat mechanics are its shining glory. Combat provides players with a fast paced, beat em up that succeeds in allowing a lot of different combos in a short period of time. However, while in combat I did experience quite a bit of lag which made it incredibly frustrating when fighting multiple enemies. Dusty Revenge manages to pave the way for beat em ups with the vast amount of different combo options it provides, something that was sorely lacking in many new games as of late. A combination of light and heavy attacks only require a well timed hand in order to do a lot of the neat combinations, or if you want, you could just mash the buttons until your heart’s content; Dusty has you covered in each area.

Dusty Revenge

As you progress in each level, you encounter some pretty memorable (and some not so memorable) bosses that each suit it’s given surroundings. Given the difficulty of bosses in Dusty Revenge, it is a good time to use the games incredible sidekicks and allies Dusty meets along the way. Call upon a bear with a rocket launcher to deal heavy damage to foes, or a dog that has a sniper rifle that allows the camera to pan out and take a shot. With the added bonus of having these wonderful sidekicks, it becomes a necessary element to use as the game is constantly throwing newer and more difficult opponents at you.

Sadly, the story did fizzle out as the game progressed and Dusty became a character that was soon impossible to connect with. The game tried too hard to be rough and badass, which in the end was its downfall as it quickly became quite humorous in its attempts. Also, the game misses an aspect that could have made it an even better gaming experience – Multiplayer. With the gameplay Dusty provides and the many unique characters, nothing would have been better than to kick butt with online friends.

Dusty Revenge

Even with its small issues (that can be easily overlooked) Dusty Revenge is well worth the money. If you want something that takes 2D platformer to the next level, look no further as Dusty will take you there with a few rounds of bullets and a wicked western feel.

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