Dungeon Hunter Alliance Review (PS3)

Dungeon Hunter Alliance is a simple and straightforward dungeon crawling hack’n slash game. However it is its non-pretentious simplicity that makes it an enjoyable game.

Let the quest begin!

Developed by Gameloft, you play as a royal brought back to life by a fairy to right your wrong. The land has been engulfed by darkness because of your own dabbling in the dark arts, to bring back your dead wife. You are here to fix everything before time runs out.

You have three classes to choose from – Warrior, Mage and Rogue. Each has its distinctive strengths and weaknesses. Playing through the game as a different class does, in turn, give you a different experience because of the distinct way you develop. For example as a Mage you can heal with your magic but for the other two classes you have to rely on potions to survive. Each class develops skills that compliment their classes. The good thing is that these skills are in fact very useful – such as status causing grenade bombs for rogues, protective auras for mages and a stats boosting camp for warriors. It is obvious that Gameloft has put in a lot of thought in providing a different experience for players of each class.

The main story campaign is of decent length and provides some quite challenging bosses to keep the game challenging and interesting. On top of that you can pick up sub quests from other residents of the world to train yourself up and get some goodies before you continue with the story. The good thing is most of these sub quests happen in the new areas you have opened up. So they require minimal back tracking, which a lot of games suffer from nowadays.

Every game needs a decent teleport devise

Same as most dungeon crawlers and RPGS, you kill enemies, gain experience and grab your loot. You get attributes and skill points when you level up to develop your characters. Loot come in the forms of gold or gears. Gears are divided into several categories – normal and enchanted. Enchanted gears can have up to four enchantments, and how many enchantments a gear has is displayed by the colour of the item title. In multiplayer mode, gear loots from chests and enemies are allocated through colours representing each player, so chances of one player hogging everything is removed.

While it is a decent game to play alone, it is in the multiplayer where Dungeon Hunter Alliance shines. The game supports both off and online drop in drop out multiplayer play modes. In offline mode, other players can just press the start button on their controllers and join in. Upon joining you can choose any available character or create your own to join the foray. However, if you want to play the Legendary mode, that is only opened after you finished the game on Hero mode, new characters or characters that haven’t finished the game won’t be able to join. In online mode you can wait for the server to do the matching or invite your own friends. The process is quite straightforward and easy.


Dungeon Hunter Alliance is a simple game at its best. It doesn’t pretend to be a AAA title. There is no corny voice acting or overly crafty cut scenes. What it offers it a direct delivery of pick up and play experience for gamers of all levels in nicely built dungeons against, at times, challenging enemies. The co-op aspect of the game shines when you and friends finally understand that you have to use your skills to compliment each other to survive the ordeal.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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