Dragon Age 2 – New Concept Art

Today BioWare released new concept art for an area in the world of Dragon Age known as Hightown. Hightown is situated in Kirkwall which was once the center of slave trade in the Tevinter Imperium. The town came to be from an old quarry where slaves would labor away; the area in and around that basin is called Lowtown, and is populated by the poor. The area above the basin is so happily called Hightown and is home to the wealthy. More details from BioWare below:

“Everyone who is anyone in Kirkwall lives in Hightown, and they give little thought to what goes on in Lowtown other than to complain when the wind drags up the stench from its foundries or ancient mines. People in Hightown feel safe, not because the city’s walls are impregnable, but because an invader would need to scale the stairs from Lowtown in order to reach them. Many bloody battles have been fought on those narrow stairs, and in several wars Hightown has held out for months after Lowtown was taken. The wealthy often forget, however, that those stairs are also their only escape.”

Soure: http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/world/environments/hightown/

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