Dead Space Extraction: Now gold as a goose

Looks like Visceral Games believes their game is good to go. With an official announcement that their prequel to the original Dead Space is ready, and has now tipped into gold status Wii wanders can begin flailing those arms in anticipation for what horror’s lay within come September 25th across Europe (soon after for other parts of the globe).
Less green and more gold buddy
Dead Space Extraction is promising a highly polished, cinematic action experience and if the first round was anything to go by, it surely will be.
The Press Release mentions that Steve Singer, Nintendo of America Vice President of Licensing said
“We are excited that Visceral Games is bringing the next installment of the Dead Space franchise to the Wii. Dead Space Extraction is shaping up to be an outstanding game and this high-quality, mature title will be a great addition to the Wii line up.”
Also mentioned is the pre-order special at participating retailers. Customers who are eligible will receive a special code to unlock four (out of ten) unique challenge modes. This will allow players to fight against the Necromorph horde, either alone or cooperatively, and compete for scores and kills. If you do not pre-order the game apparently you can unlock these modes after completing each chapter.
With all that said, the game is looking interesting and surprisingly nice for a Wii game. Hopefully it looks even better when I have it in front of me on my own screen.

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