Dead Space 2: Severed Review – Xbox 360

I like downloadable content. I especially like it when it’s a single player story mode expansion. Severed ‘adds’ onto the recently released Dead Space 2, with a story featuring characters that those familiar with the Nintendo Wii and PS3 offering, Dead Space Extraction, would recognise. Players will assume the role of Gabe Weller, a security guard on The Sprawl, at what I am guessing would be somewhere in the middle of Isaac’s own crusade. It thrusts you straight into the action and doesn’t really let up.

I did enjoy the title of the first audio message you receive – GTFO – that kind of says it all there. Within minutes your in the thick of it and on your own quest to ensure the safety of a loved one. It’s a little over an hour of action and mayhem with the necessary story-trickle to motivate your character.

Now, one thing that is new – to Dead Space 2 – was the inclusion of an enemy type from the first game.  The Twitchers appear quite creepy in terms of movement, and are quite ‘welcome’ for a little variation. But for the most part it’s just more of what you’ve experienced in Dead Space 2.

I’ve found it quite difficult to talk much more on the DLC itself as it’s really just more of what we have already seen in the main game.  It takes place in the same location, featuring for the most part the same enemies and same weaponry. What I did find strange was that the movement of the character himself wasn’t any different to Isaac. I figured being a completely different person they would move a little different. Or perhaps they are clones and I missed that part of the story? It just seemed a little lazy on that front.

What I will say, is that if your ready for more action and up to 250 gamer points of achievements, or just interested to see the story of Gabriel Weller expanded upon then you’ll want to download this. For anyone else that is still remotely interested, you may want to wait till you see it on special or as a deal of the week. Either way, be prepared for only about an hour and a half, or possibly a little more depending on difficulty settings, of gameplay. I didn’t mind so much as I loved Dead Space 2 and the DLC kept me entertained from start till end, as quick as it arrived.

Dead Space 2:  Severed is currently priced at 560 Microsoft Points.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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