Blizzard Reigns Supreme on PC Part II

There has been countless challengers, direct and indirect towards Blizzard that have attempted to take some of the spot light in the MMO world on PC although none have come close to the success World of Warcraft has reaped. I think most would agree that a major reason for this is the level of service and quality content Blizzard delivers and this brings us to the next point on my pointless agenda.
Do PC players expect a much more refined game with quality production over our console cousins? Blizzard is known for its finely polished games which is not limited to World of Warcraft but includes such titles as Starcraft and the Diablo series. The later are games that did not essentially require an online connection and did not work off a subscription service, but at the same time we can argue the multiplayer side of these games which played a major part did eventually push you to battle against the rest of the world online. So basically, it blows the theory of just the subscription service being the key to success on the PC.
Next on our list is Starcraft, released back in 1998 was a hugely successful game which is still followed religiously to this day, well mainly in Korea where they have a dedicated sports channel solely for the purpose of viewing Starcraft competitions. Honestly though who can say they have not gone to a LAN where some jerk has busted out the idea of playing a game of old Starcraft again.
The original Starcraft is most famously known for how balanced it was, forget about the expansion when medics and all that were introduced but remember what Blizzard did, that was create three very different races and playing styles yet managing to integrate these three races so well that whenever we talk about balance in games today we refer to Starcraft as our constant to balance.
Again for those who concentrated on an education, Starcraft was a strategy game set in a sci-fi setting; we see three different races including the typical Humans, the not so typical Protoss and the bug like race, Zerg resembling the bugs from Starship Troopers.

Starcraft, I believe, is the only title from Blizzard (correct me if I am wrong) to see a console release on the Nintendo 64, although technically it was ported by another company. It is safe to say the console version was worth overlooking, it just did not have the same feel as the PC version and to be honest I am a strong believer that a controller should never be used for a strategy game, in this case especially a N64 controller which resulted in the joystick eventually grinding down into a fine plastic powder.
So what do we have so far to account for Blizzards success on the PC? Service and quality content, the effort in production to release a final product that’s balanced and almost absent of bugs… check out the next blog entry for the Fatality!
– Noob Saibot
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