Blizzard Reigns Supreme on PC – Part I

It isn’t exactly a shock to most that the PC gaming industry is in a slump and the outlook is grim for a recovery, we have heard and read the news time and time again. The first finger is pointed towards the ongoing problem of piracy and we have noticed many gaming companies releasing on the PC far later, after sales have been made on the console platform, and in some cases not releasing a PC version at all. But in the midst of all this one company defies the odds and continues to be one of the most successful gaming companies in the industry with titles exclusive to the PC, and since I have nothing better to think about at work I ponder, what is the secret to Blizzard’s success on the dying gaming platform?
The first game in the Blizzard arsenal we look at is obviously World of Warcraft; the game has stolen countless souls and refuses to release them, and just as you think you have escaped its demonic grasp, you find yourself back in the fantasy world upon the release of another expansion.
For those who have been in some sort of Emerald Dream for the last few years, World of Warcraft is a massive multiplayer online role playing game based on the stories of the original Warcraft. The game offers many races and customisations to your character and pits two major factions against each other known as the Horde and the Alliance. PvP servers allow for open world combat against your foes that adds a little spice to the game when levelling or when you are just plain bored. But as we know the spice is not for everyone, for those that prefer the comfort of a safety blanket to keep them warm there are also PvE servers where you can perform /hug emotes to your enemies.
The game works off a monthly subscription based payment which evades the piracy issue and at the same time retains customers… could it be that the subscription service is the key for a company to survive on the PC platform? Find out next blog entry.
– WirtsLeg
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