BioWare teases us – Atomic Mass Iron Effect?

Earlier today BioWare teased the Twitter community with an image that we all believed to be a sneak peak on what could be in store for us soon; a new title? The general consensus is that this is an image from Mass Effect 3, but it seems that would be all to easy. I believe that we are install for a new IP, but unfortunately I am at a loss as to what.

An hour after the image we were provided with two bardcode images that translated into the following binary numbers:


These binary numbers further convert into the following ASCII text – bare in mind that this is assuming it should even have been converted to ASCII text:

-128.5&# 176;F

The first thought would be a latitude and longitude location, but the second pair of numbers does not fit anywhere. Doing these number sperately showed us the following locations:

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Swan Lake and Bearing Sea made no sense, but then I realized the second pair of numbers convert to the symbol for Fahrenheit. So now I believe we are looking at perhaps an element? The atomic mass and some sort of effect that happens to this element at the temperature of -128.5°F

The atomic mass of iron is ‘55.845’, I have no idea what happens at ‘-128.5°F’ though. Perhaps it all links back to Mass Effect after all?

Anyone have any ideas?

Update: Iron is the most common element found on Earth, and the coldest recorded temperature on earth is, yes you guessed it, ‘-128.5°F’. Every Mass Effect game thus far have had the player restricted from going to Earth — could Mass Effect 3 have you finally visiting Earth?

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