BioWare release another clue that points to Earth

BioWare just moments ago has released another clue to mess with us fans. It again is a QR code which translates into the following binary code:


The good news is that this binary number translates into something more legible than the previous clues; it translates to the follow URL:

That is the official page of the British Secret Intelligence Service. At this point you might be thinking that this makes no sense at all, but some very keen eyes on the internet recently spotted similarities in the teaser clip for the Video Game Awards which briefly, for only a split second, shows the outside world, and this showed great resemblance to London — see the clip here.

Is this further evidence that the next title will be set on Earth? Unfortunately, we are no closer to determining if this is Mass Effect 3, a completely new IP, or perhaps a prequel?

Check out our post here to see our theory on the previous clues.

See the clue on BioWare’s Facebook page here.

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