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If you have been on holiday or simply gaming hardcore in a dark room with no interaction to the outside world, then you may of missed one of the biggest gaming events of the year — E3. Don’t panic though because we here at Gameolio have got you covered and condensed all the happenings into an article covering the best of E3 2010. Grab your favourite snack and beverage as we take a tour through E3, see our handpicked trailers, previews, gadgets, sculptures and costumes, and finally the E3 booth babes. One of my personal favorite ingredients of the E3 event has to be the new trailers, and this years E3 certainly delivered. These are not all the trailers of E3 but some of our top picks, and also some interesting ones.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Bioware releasing an MMO, do we really need to know any more than that to sell us? Well how about an MMO based on the Star Wars world. Ok, this is not news and we have known this — for a long long time ago. What is new is the unveiling of yet another great CGI trailer at the EA booth Enjoy the ‘Hope Cinematic’ below:

For more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, click here

Portal 2 Who would of thought this little puzzle game would have become soo popular. I remember getting this in the Orange Box set and not taking much notice, then one weekend I decided to load this puppy up and holy batman! This game was truly special. So we are excited to hear Portal will be making a reappearence, no release date yet but expected sometime in 2011. Enjoy your cake and check out the trailer below:

Check for updates on the official site, click here

Gran Turismo 5 When? Soon is all we know (November 2010 but don’t hold your breath). It should be noted that E3 also previewed and presented a trailer for the new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, but our money is on Gran Turismo to over shadow all racing games to be released. We can only wait and see, check out the new E3 trailer below, did anyone else spot The Stig in there?

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Fallout: New Vegas Fallout is back with more insane body parts flying around. Using the same game engine as Fallout 3, but with a change of developers. Obsidian will be heading up this one, and we can’t wait to get back into the waste lands. Be blown away by the trailer below:

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising This will be the first Metal Gear Solid to be released on not only the Playstation 3, but also the Xbox360.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood In similar fashion to Metal Gear Solid, Assassins Creed continues. It is almost becoming like the TV series Lost, every release is leaving us wanting to know the full story. Assassins Creed 2 shared more with us but also left us more questions at the same time. Does this trailer give you any more answers?

Including the great range of trailers at E3 was also some mouth watering previews. Lets go ahead and take a look at what was on show.

BulletStorm Another interesting candidate from EA booth was BulletStorm. The guys at Epic games have brought out another first-person-shooter, but what made this one interesting is the style of it. It is about as badass as it comes. Over the top shooting, explosions, violence and plenty of swearing to keep you entertained. E3 provided us with a very tasty sneak peek of what to expect, check it out below:

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Mortal Kombat Yes – Mortal Kombat is back and from what we can gather, it has gone back to its grass roots. It looks and feels like the Mortal Kombats that we grew up with, but so much more prettier. The new eye candy is not the only addition; the game has also taken a radical turn to become more tactical. They have introduced power bars which charge up to perform special moves and X ray moves — the visual effect for this is bone shattering… literally. Ed Boon the co-creator of the series gives us a sneak peek at the story, all I can say is cybernetic ninjas FTW! “Mortal Kombat has this timeline – eighteen years of making games, and we really didn’t want to just continue, like, chapter seventeen of the whole story, so we’re kind of doing a Back to the Future type of thing, where Raiden is about to be killed by Shao Kahn, and just before he delivers the last blow, he sends a mental message to his earlier self, so the camera rewinds back to Mortal Kombat 1. The Raiden from back then gets a message and he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he knows something bad’s going to happen, and the game spans Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, retelling the story with an enlightened Raiden, and he’s changing the course of things, so everything you’ve seen happen before – Liu Kang winning, the guys turning into cybernetic ninjas, are changed around, so you might see a character become cybernetic who wasn’t before, and so you see a different version [of events].” Check out the E3 gameplay demo below:

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Medal of Honor EALA has gone out graveyard digging and unearthed the ‘Medal of Honor’ series. It’s back from the dead and ready to pack a punch with its sights obviously set on the Call of Duty series. To help out with the multiplayer aspect, Dice has come in to provide their expertise. As they claim, this game will be pure war, faster bullets and no health packs means quick adrenaline pumping gameplay — there will be no room for mistakes. As with its competition, kill streaks will unlock bonus support options, and there will be a leveling system in place for unlocks and more goodies. Only time will tell if this will hold up against the current powerhouse. Check out the 24 player live demo from E3 below:

Apart from all the game trailers and previews available at E3, there are also a ton of cool gadgets to sink your teeth in. Project Natal now known as Kinect and more… read on.

The Tron: Evolution controller featured at the E3 event – I want one! It will be released as an Xbox 360 controller, PS3 controller, and Nintendo Wii remote, each with the distinctive Tron design.

Tron Controller

With Microsoft’s new technology for their Xbox360 product, known as Kinect, it has released a new line of Xbox360 consoles which include the Kinect port. One of these is called ‘Whisper’.

Xbox Whisper

The new Xbox is slimmer than the current Xbox 360 consoles and will have built in WiFi 802.11n, a 250 GB hard drive, HDMI output, 5 x USB ports, a Kinect port and will be available in gloss black only.

Along with the new Xbox360 was the announcement of Kinect. Kinect, formally known as Project Natal, is Microsoft’s attempt at full motion gaming without the use of any controllers. See the world premier of the E3 event here:

Check out the Microsoft site here for more information on Kinect.

Many of the developers at E3 are getting bigger every year, and with so much to do in the short space of time, every booth features some amazing models/sculptures to get your attention. Here are some of the impressive sculptures at this years show… oh and lets not forget, what we all really came here to see, E3 booth babes. Enjoy :)

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