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  • PC: Quake Live

    PC: Quake Live

    Do you have an itch to frag something in the middle of the night? Too tired to wait for CSS to fire up on your ageing computer? Want to go back to a time when everything was simple to interact with and it was all about pure skill and not how many buttons you can […]

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  • Spotlight: Pure Pwnage

    Spotlight: Pure Pwnage

    Perhaps you’ve missed it, perhaps you’ve never noticed it, perhaps you’ve never even heard of it. Madness I tells you, however, Pure Pwnage is one of those Internet sensations that works. By works I mean it hits all the right levels for most of any gamer out there. It’s entertaining, hilarious and down-right fun to […]

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  • Review: RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares

    Review: RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares

    A couple short days ago the first of two major downloadable content was released on the marketplace for use with Resident Evil 5. The first one is known as Lost in Nightmares and is a chapter that takes place prior to the events of RE5. You witness the outcome of this scenario throughout the main […]

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  • Gameolio Podcast Ep 2: Valentines Xtra Super Deluxe Edition

    Gameolio Podcast Ep 2: Valentines Xtra Super Deluxe Edition

    Rich and Dan are back with a fellow Gameolian, Captain No-Beard, ready to hit the high-seas and entertain ourselves with mass plunder aplenty. In reality, they dug into the Captain’s world of indie gaming as well as the modding scene. Plenty of discussion on Source and Half Life 2 ensued, many planks were walked and sea monkeys were […]

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  • Digital Distribution

    Digital Distribution

    Digital distribution of games has been the topic of discussion in the last few years. From Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, to Sony’s PSN, Nintendo’s WiiWare, and even Apple’s App Shop. All of a sudden everyone is trying to distribute its contents digitally. Retailers of course are not as happy and trying to talk down this […]

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  • Review: Mass Effect 2

    Review: Mass Effect 2

    One of the most, if not the most, anticipated games for 2010 is Mass Effect 2. Fans who had played the first installment, and also newcomers to the world of Mass Effect had eagerly awaited for the release date of January 26th. Today we look at Mass Effect 2 and hopefully answer some tough questions. […]

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