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  • Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

    Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

    I am not the biggest fan of the game camera or occasionally having to manually position it – apart from that, it’s a great game. Download the demo atleast. In all seriousness I could just leave the review at that. In not being a fan of the ‘camera work’ (it’s really the only thing I […]

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  • WoW Report #6 “The Brood Mother Returns”

    WoW Report #6 “The Brood Mother Returns”

    She had a good talking to herself and changed her gameplan. Just like that, Onyxia the friendly deep-breathing dragon has returned in the form of level 80 content (up from level 60). In an update just deployed, players will have the chance to witness the sheer brilliance of what was all about dots, many whelps, […]

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  • Women in Games Sydney Mixer 2009

    Women in Games Sydney Mixer 2009

    As you probably know, I love games. I mean, that’s why I write for Gameolio; I’m sharing my love of video games! My dream job is to get into the game development industry. Right now I’m a student, studying multimedia to somehow get me my dream job; actually I have a few weeks left until […]

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  • Left 4 Dead 2 – BANNED in Australia

    Left 4 Dead 2 – BANNED in Australia

    I am irate, foaming at the mouth and generally sick of this crap – Kotaku and IGNau have reported that the sequel to one of the hottest shoot-em up zombie games, Left 4 Dead 2, has been hit hard with the ban hammer in Australia. While other countries seem to be unaffected it drives me […]

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  • Preview: The Secret World

    Preview: The Secret World

    Having come across the news of this games existence some months back I had always meant to look at this one further, but for reasons known to me (World of Warcraft) I had completely forgotten about it, until now. The Secret World is the latest massively multi-player online game under development by Funcom. This is […]

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  • Guild Wars 2: The Novels

    Guild Wars 2: The Novels

    Arenanet updated their Youtube site recently with some footage from the just passed PAX09 (Penny Arcade Expo). In the lore panel the audience had a chance to latch onto some rather slim information on the upcoming novels. Thin as it was, it did hold my interest, particularly with Guild Wars 2 gaining a bit more […]

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  • Preview: Aion

    Preview: Aion

    The release date is approaching for when Aion (pronounced i-on) will be set loose to North America, Europe and Australia but this is not the first time this game was released. Aion has been out for quite some time in South Korea when it was released in November 2008. The game had been so successful […]

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  • Gameplay vs Story vs Achievements

    Gameplay vs Story vs Achievements

    AKA Motivation for my 10x Sonic Boom chain win Having experienced quite a range of games in my time I can honestly say that there are now three key elements that I can attribute as the reason I finish an electronic adventure. Previous to the world of Xbox Live, it would have all been pinned […]

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  • Dead Space Extraction: Now gold as a goose

    Dead Space Extraction: Now gold as a goose

    Looks like Visceral Games believes their game is good to go. With an official announcement that their prequel to the original Dead Space is ready, and has now tipped into gold status Wii wanders can begin flailing those arms in anticipation for what horror’s lay within come September 25th across Europe (soon after for other […]

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  • WoW Report #5 “So Bones, you say you were elf before eh?”

    WoW Report #5 “So Bones, you say you were elf before eh?”

    The news of a major expansion has dominated the World of Warcraft waves for the past couple of weeks leading up to the ominous Blizzcon, and since then we’ve all returned to our homes, and backed up into the raids and are left wondering at what Blizzard have in store for us and more importantly, […]

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