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  • So… Anybody Else Jumping Aboard the PS3 Slim Train?

    So… Anybody Else Jumping Aboard the PS3 Slim Train?

    With the announcement of the PS3 Slim and its Australian RRP of $499 – an announcement we all knew was coming anyway, thanks to internet leaks – Sony have firmly swung momentum back in their favour after years of floundering at the bottom of the console sales charts, with many gamers, myself included, deciding that […]

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  • Review: The Witcher

    Review: The Witcher

    The game was released in October 2007 and slipped under the radar with not many taking notice of this gem. It was then re-released a year later as an enhanced version with bonus material and this is when we woke up and saw how great this game really is. As I have been recently graced […]

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  • Diablo III – Hell vs You… Again!

    Diablo III – Hell vs You… Again!

    I’m just going to admit straight up that a lot of hours in my short lifetime have been used up playing Diablo and Diablo II. Just saying. Ok, stop laughing! If you’re wondering, Diablo is an action-RPG PC game where you control one character and fight against the hordes of Hell all on your own. […]

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  • Preview: Starcraft 2

    Preview: Starcraft 2

    It’s almost here and the anticipation is unbearable. One of the greatest strategy games ever is coming back again for a sequel, but can it bring more to the table than its predecessor? Starcraft 2 is what I’ll be covering today so sit back as we go through what to expect from this reincarnation of […]

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  • Preview: Guild Wars 2

    Preview: Guild Wars 2

    Less then a day of the announcement of the latest World of Warcraft expansion I stumbled across the latest entry into the Guild Wars universe. Guild Wars 2 has finally fronted up and posted out a trailer of their upcoming sequel to their popular and famously zero-monthly fee online RPG. Details for the moment still […]

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  • Fable 3 Confirmedededed!

    Fable 3 Confirmedededed!

    Fable 3 was confirmed at GamesCom, in Germany, by none other then Peter Molyneux (Lionheads’ Creative Director) today. Along with a teaser trailer and artwork the details released were as you could expect, brief and oh so secretive. Promised that the third game will be somewhat more difficult and progressed since the last outing, the […]

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  • Preview: Batman Arkham Asylum

    Preview: Batman Arkham Asylum

    Boots, cape and underpants on top are GO! Batman launch! Without a doubt Batman is my most favourite of all comic book characters, as a result I was terrified when I learnt of the latest Batman game. Hoping and praying to everything that is good in this world that this would not get totally messed […]

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  • I want to be an Assassin

    I want to be an Assassin

    Alright, so I don’t own a PS3 – but still I CANNOT wait for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 2 to come out! I was going to write some awesome introduction to this article, but I get too excited when I start talking about this game. If you couldn’t be bothered reading this long article, you should […]

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  • Halo 3: ODST…. I couldn’t resist.

    Halo 3: ODST…. I couldn’t resist.

    This game will be big, huge even, and how can it not be? It’s freaking Halo! Normally I’d steer clear of a game with so much exposure already, but I can’t. Everything I have seen up to this point has been filled with so much ‘win’ that I simply cannot wait to become an Orbital […]

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  • Review: Street Fighter IV (4)

    Review: Street Fighter IV (4)

    Today I look at the long awaited sequel to one of Capcoms most successful series, Street Fighter 4. The game was in production for over 4 years while we all waited eagerly for any screenshot and video leaks to satisfy our thirst, finding out what characters would be in this new version of Street Fighter […]

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