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  • Power words and Let’s Fighting, Love!!

    Power words and Let’s Fighting, Love!!

    Ok, so even with the whole economic crisis thing, the video game industry is still booming and gaining money. They’re still producing and releasing games and we’re still buying them. There are a few PSP and DS games I’m really, really waiting on to be released (in English) in the next few months and I’m […]

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  • WoW Report #1: Ulduar

    WoW Report #1: Ulduar

    Well our team is nearing the end of this little raid and about time to! There were so many “oooh” and “aaah” moments in the latter part of the raid that I needed to go back again just to have a look at it all once more. Having said all that, oh man Vezax is […]

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  • Review: Silent Hill Homecoming

    Review: Silent Hill Homecoming

    This is my favourite series, I love all things Silent Hill (although I haven’t played Origins…. yet!) and once every couple of years I get to go through the ritual of sitting on the couch with the lights off and the sound cranked up in the middle of the night for maximum effect. Now perhaps […]

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  • Blizzard Reigns Supreme on PC Part II

    Blizzard Reigns Supreme on PC Part II

    There has been countless challengers, direct and indirect towards Blizzard that have attempted to take some of the spot light in the MMO world on PC although none have come close to the success World of Warcraft has reaped. I think most would agree that a major reason for this is the level of service […]

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  • Preview: Borderlands

    Preview: Borderlands

    Here is something that caught my eye. Borderlands, a first person role playing shooter with a wasteland setting, is the name of the title. It quickly piqued my interest as this is more or less what Neocron was (except Neocron being an MMO). Another plus, in my books, is that it can also be played […]

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  • DS Review: Puzzle Quest – Challenge of the Warlords

    DS Review: Puzzle Quest – Challenge of the Warlords

    Puzzle games aren’t really my style, but some how, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords has managed to steal hours of my life – both on DS and PSP. It’s a turn-based style of gameplay, similar to Bejewelled or the like, where you match rows or columns of gems. Puzzle Quest also has role-playing elements, […]

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  • Sam Raimi + Warcraft Movie = ?

    Sam Raimi + Warcraft Movie = ?

    So at some point today Blizzard dropped the bomb. Sam Raimi will direct the ever talked about Warcraft movie. I’ve been keeping tabs on the development of this movie, with the sketchy information that crept out of Blizzcon’s and other events. It seemed distant and nearly every instance and then months would roll by without […]

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  • Blizzard Reigns Supreme on PC – Part I

    Blizzard Reigns Supreme on PC – Part I

    It isn’t exactly a shock to most that the PC gaming industry is in a slump and the outlook is grim for a recovery, we have heard and read the news time and time again. The first finger is pointed towards the ongoing problem of piracy and we have noticed many gaming companies releasing on […]

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  • Preview: Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    Preview: Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    Upon first hearing that a new Silent Hill was in the works I was super stoked. Upon hearing that it was to be on the Nintendo Wii I was not so super stoked. Primarily because previous titles on my HD screen just haven’t looked up to scratch and anything less then awesome is a let […]

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  • Neocron… QQ :(

    Neocron… QQ :(

    So, Neocron…. Now this is a reflective post, it’s not a new game nor is it super popular, but damnit back in the day it was a ton of fun. If you’ve been living a normal healthy gaming life of World of Warcraft mixed in with the occasional Counter Strike and topped off with the […]

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